From Financial management to Tax consulting and business accounting, we pride our self, as Industrial leader with successful working approach and excellent customer services. Our people are expert in meeting your financial requirements.

Some of Our Services


Services and Professional Taxations, Filing of Returns, Assessments, Taxation Planning, and other consultancies in related matters.


Company/ LLP Society Registration, NGO & Charitable Trust Registrations, Business Logo Trademark & Copyright Registrations.


Statutory Audit, Internal Audit, Management & Secretarial Audits, Propriety Audit, Revenue & Tax audits.

Accounting & Valuation

Accounting System deployments, Budgeting, Stores Accounting, Accounting of receivables, Book-keeping & general accounting. Valuation/Revaluation of Fixed Assets, Share Valuation.

Management Consultancy

Corporate Compliances, Project & Investment Consultancy, Advisory & Business Consulting, Entrepreneurial Support & Client Accounting.

Consulting for Tax affairs

Cogent assist clients in saving money by making wise financial decisions about tax-related issues. We interview clients to gather information about their financial situations and devise strategies to help them reduce their tax liability by taking advantage of tax credits and shield. We ensure our clients to fulfill their tax obligations and follow the compliance.

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